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About The Iranian Centre for Policy Studies

The mission of ICPS, established in 2017, is to provide an accurate examination of events that shape Iranian domestic and foreign policy with the distinct aim that its analysis may help the adoption of policies that best promote and protect the national interest of the Iranian nation.

The complex circumstances in the region and the world in recent years and its implications on Iranian politics, especially in the aftermath of the nuclear agreement, have interjected Iran into a new era much different than its past.
This new era has three distinct features:
1. The increasing empowerment of technocrats in Iran and their insistence on establishing constructive relations with the outside world and regional peace
2. The rising status of educated middle classes in Iran and their demands
3. The increasingly important role-played by social media and Internet communications in the world.

In such times, simple reliance upon traditional findings based on out-dated analytic yardsticks and simplified deductions in trying to understand day-to-day or even hourly changes and developments within the country, can lead to serious oversights which can in turn deprive Iran, the regions and the wider world of rare opportunities that avail themselves for promoting peaceful change within Iran along with constructive relations with the outside world.

At present, there are a number of important research centres within Iran charged with the task of collecting facts and providing policy analysis. However, given the fact that they are closely tied with either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other governmental institutions, they are understandably restricted in providing unbiased and objective reporting that is unrestricted by certain obvious boundaries.

With the help of Iranian experts both inside and outside Iran, the Iranian Centre for Political Studies (ICPS), intends to fill this void by providing an independent and realistic outlook in the following areas:
1. Daily News Analysis carried out by the collecting data following daily cyber communication with social and political experts inside Iran and the provision of a daily bulletin consisting of short and simple analysis of key developments at the end of each working day (central European time zone).
2. Weekly News Analysis based on a more in-depth study and analysis of developments as well as the provision of responses to specific questions (or enquiries) posed by subscribers.
3. Monthly News Analysis/roundtable conferences/seminars with the presence of key experts in various fields to discuss all issues of interests.
4. Provision of special quarterly reports on various policy issues in 4 languages: Farsi, English, Arabic and French.